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Pete Burns Cosmetic Surgery Revealed


Peter Jozzeppi Burns famously known as Peter Burns was born on August 5, 1959 in Bebington, Cheshire. He is an English songwriter and singer. In 1980, he is a founder of Dead or Alive band in which he performed as a vocalist and writer. And the band rose to fame in 1985, with their single “ You spin Me Round”. In 2006, he was a part of Celebrity Big Brother. And worked in several reality shows.

pete burns surgery

Burns dropped his school at 14, due to the actions taken by Catholic school’s rules. At initial stage, he worked under Liverpool record shop, “Probe records” which is a place of local musicians. After several years, he changed their name to Dead or Alive. Some of the songs under the name of Dead or Alive, including “That’s the Way (I Like It)” and “You Spin Me Round” became a rage among US top 20. The band has a significant sucess in Japan in 1990.

He released his single called Sex Drive. And after 20 years, he released remix named “Sex Drive Remixes” on website. He has recently collaborated with Pete waterman for the first time since album “Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know”. Burns had a very twisted personal life. In 1978, he married to Lynne Corlett, and later divorced each other in 2006. In 2006, he engaged to Michael Simpson, his partner.nintchdbpict000266389387-e1473786058174

He is known for changing his appearance and looks, which is admitted by him freely and he talks about the plastic surgeries freely. He had following surgeries including cheek implants, injections, rhinoplasty and fillers. He accused Boy George for taking his unique image.
In 2006, he in an interview revealed that he spent his most of the earnings on the after his lip surgery went wrong and he sued the surgeon, Dr. Maurizio View for his lip surgery.
Burns had undergone nose surgery several times to change his looks. His before and after pictures clears all the air. And he accepts the nose surgery too.

Lips surgery and fillers
Pete had taken injections on his lips to have a fuller look. He once had sued a doctor for injecting wrong injections on his lips and took compensation from him. And he also took injections or fillers on his face to have new look and appearance.

Pete had wrinkle free skin at this age. And he doesn’t have a saggy skin that made sure of one more plastic surgery in the list.

Pete has a unique style and a fascinating face. Apart from plastic surgeries, he never shied doing variety of hairstyles and women’s clothing. He wrote his own documentary “Cosmetic Surgery Nightmare’s” and discussed about mishap of lip surgeries. He used coloured wigs to change his appearance every time. The best part about his procedures is that he embraces them proudly. He has been as open about them as one could be. Many people Says that Heidi Klum’s Cosmetic Surgery Pictures are just opposite to Burn’s.

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