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Duly Noted: DIY Rope Wall, Boots, Coco Rocha, Flower-inspired Photos, Plant Care & More

By October 31, 2014 Duly Noted
DIY rope wall, urban outfitters, halloween, Coco Rocha, Stacked Boots and dream kitchens.

Happy Halloween my dear blog readers! How are you? What are your Halloween/weekend plans? Anyone up to anything cool?

I’m hosting a Halloween party tonight featuring salted caramel candy corn popcorn, gummy worms in ice cubes and deviled egg eye balls. I’m a kid. Anyhow, here are my notable finds from this week! Enjoy and let me know what you like to see; more style/clothes, more food, more design/DIY ideas etc.?

1. This DIY rope wall looks easy and the result? Stunning. (PS: This world is full of smart, cool people I want to be.)

2. I love the Nectar Collective blog. Here’s great post on how to drive traffic to old blog posts. Photo from my recent blog post on Warby Parker.

3. Loving this new collection from Urban Outfitters called Dreamers + Doers which highlights emerging artists, entrepreneurs, and up-and-coming ones to watch. If you’re one of these movers and shakers, be sure to tag photos with #HandsandHustle for a chance to be featured on my Instagram.

4. Urban Jungle Bloggers talk indoor plant care in the colder months.

5. Overgrowth is an ongoing artistic collaboration between photographer Parker Fitzgerald and floral designer Riley Messina. The anonymous portraits exudes such pure and natural beauty.

6. Need a last minute Halloween costume? Look no further.

7. These stacked heel boots are top rated on Forever 21. I think I know why. I have a similar pair from Urban Outfitters and the stack and wedge make them super supportive and comfortable.

8. This photo gallery of Coco Rocha for her 1,000 poses in 3 days book is gorgeous.

9. Been pinning a lot lately and have discovered a personal tendency to pin a lot of exposed or hanging storage in kitchens.

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Warby Parker Spectacle Love

By October 30, 2014 Style & Products
Warby Parker Glasses | Hands and Hustle

Warby Parker never fails to impress me.

From their super-affordable and vintage-inspired glasses (starting at $95 for frames and lenses) to the fact that for every pair you buy, they give a pair to someone in need. So I was tickled pink when I noticed their recent web re-design and the addition of a blog (!) executed by High Tide (whose logo is prime) as well as their collaboration with some of my favorite designers and illustrators such as Geoff McFetridge who designed the new store façade and interior wall art at The Standard, Hollywood.

I have two pairs myself; the Ripley in Whiskey Tortoise (pictured) and the now discontinued Owen Revolver’s in Black Matte for $170 and $95 respectively. Honestly, I shop around–hard–and I haven’t been able to find a better deal on glasses this stylish.

So when I was playing around with my camera shooting them with my propagated succulent, I decided, heck, I’m writing a post about WP right this darn minute. So voila! They’ve remained a favorite brand of mine for years and they keep improving and improving.

Coley Crystal Eyeglasses

Oh, and they have a wicked new fall collection which includes these awesome clear specs named Coley as well as rad sunglasses and a single monocle.




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Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

By October 29, 2014 Style & Products
Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 3.13.35 PM

If you’re like me, you’re leaving your costume to the last minute, so I decided to do an equally last minute Halloween costume post using clothes from any American Apparel or Urban Outfitters.

Check out the Halloween Shop at UrbanOutfitters.com for costumes, candles, music & party items. Or hit up American Apparel.

Shop if you dare.


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Weekly Music Mix No. 12

By October 29, 2014 Weekly Playlist
BØRNS Hands and Hustle Music Playlist 12

Pictured: BØRNS

This week’s mix features 2 Ø’s, one Ë and a dash of instrumental followed by somber tunes a la Lana-esque Chløé Black and shaky-voice-in-a-good-way, Mirel Wagner, finished with some fun vibes from The Bones of J.R. Jones, BØRNS and alt-J.



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BRIEFBOX | Fake Design Briefs To Practice With

By October 28, 2014 Design Resources
briefbox.me review Hands and Hustle

BriefBox.me is the answer to my art-college-student self’s dilemma of getting “rusty” in the summers between school projects.

Created earlier this year by icon design master Joel Alexander as a fun side project in an attempt to help aspiring designers & illustrators, Briefbox offers fake projects to practice your skills in illustration, design, branding, web design, iconography and UI design–to name a few. Joel explains it as the answer to the quintessential conundrum all creatives face: “I’m feeling creative, but what the heck shall I work on?”

With projects such as “‘Hyped Water’ bottle label design” or “Artwork for Helsinki Hotel“, it’s a great place for aspiring creatives to gain experience executing realistic briefs. If you’re a seasoned creative it can also be good for practicing new techniques and sharpening your skills. Or put your expertise to use and suggest a brief. And really, the site’s icons are just so darn darling.

briefbox review Hands and Hustle

If you’re not feeling up to it at the time or if you’re experiencing *faux* project anxiety, you can save briefs for later with one click. And if you have the guts, you can even upload your executions for feedback and discussion within the community of like-minded creatives.

So sign up at Briefbox.me and get making, working and doing! Cool, huh?

What do you do to channel your creative energy or inspiration? Do you think this is a good idea?


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Free Stock Photo of The Week: Rustic Woodland

By October 27, 2014 Free Stock Photos

Download / By Jonas Nilsson Lee

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Duly Noted | Felt Shoes, Tapestries, a Halloween Cocktail & More.

By October 24, 2014 Duly Noted
Duly Noted No.2

Hey guys, guess what? It’s Friday!

This week has been an odd one for me; one of those weeks where Tuesday felt like Friday and today feels like Tuesday, so I took pleasure in putting together this week’s Duly Noted if only to keep my brain on schedule. Asking yourself, “what in the heck is Duly Noted?” Well, let me explain, m’dear.

Each week as I browse the web, check my Twitter and Instagram and browse my favorite blogs, I bookmark, jot down and save photos of notable things I’m inspired by, want to buy, want to make or am just plain in love with and toss the links together into one post that I share on Fridays. I launched Duly Noted last week and am already having way too much fun with it. This could get messy, guys.

Sounds like fun, no? Yay? Nay?

1. I discovered SERIAL, a new podcast from the creators of This American Life. One story. Told week by week with new episodes every Thursday.

2. I just discovered the tapestry work by Brook & Lyn and they are gorgeous.

3. Swooning over this made type with flowers, plants, wool and driftwood by _ moon.

4. These Felt House Shoes by Etsy maker meise berlin are adorable and on my wish-list!

5. This packaging for Essential Living Foods from The Dieline is yummy. So is all the work of Trina Bentley.

6. These 12 Scandinavian-style kitchen will make you want to renovate yours.

7. Make this True Death cocktail for Halloween. from House & Garden

8. Just discovered Earlywood’s Medium Classic Ladle. Perfect Holiday gift. Their ironwood cutting board is also on point.

9. This root vegetable coleslaw is perfect for autumn.

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Biz & Blog Tips: People Like To Belong

By October 22, 2014 Tips & Resources

People like belonging to something. People also like showing off, in a nice way*.

As a professional and self-employed goof-ball, I’ve learned a few things about life and business over the years; some things have surprised me, some things have not. But this is one that took me by surprise having learned it from first hand experience through organizing and hosting my own community-sourced project, 365 Days of Type (on Instagram)as well as the short community series I ran on this blog, ‘Behind The Blog’.

When people have some kind of stake in something, they will participate and support that thing dearly. That’s why people love and hold their certain hashtags dear (myself included.) To be collected and included in a pool with select others who’ve also discovered this corner of the internetz is comforting. Maybe it’s a symptom of our innate desire to be connected somehow and the comfort we all find in familiarity. Our hashtags and the blogs we follow and the books we read contribute to the oh-so-comforting 6 degrees of separation mentality. I once saw a complete stranger reading a book I had just finished and something clicked in my brain where I immediately respected and mentally checked her off as someone I like; crazy, right?!

In my experience, the same applies to blogging and business. People will make more of an investment if they feel like they’re included in a community; which includes your community of clients and colleagues. Make people feel like they’re a friend or colleague rather than an invoice number; at the end of the day, they’re just people too and you’ll find it refreshingly feel-good. Going out to events together or genuinely shooting the breeze is important to building trust and kinship and makes you both feel like you belong; they belong and are now included in your circles and vice-versa.

Having a blog already accomplishes this: when you share your own life online, those who read it feel like they know you better and have more of a connection to you and investment in your life and what you’re doing than someone who doesn’t read your blog. But if you’d like to push it further, ask your readers questions and encourage a comment conversation. Or on a larger scale, consider starting a hashtag collection or blog series in which your readers can participate and be an active voice in it all. I’ll admit, it’s easier said than done; I’m still myself figuring out exactly how I want to go about this, but it’s something to seriously consider. I’ve started my own hashtag, #HandsAndHustle where you can share what you’re working on, what you’re making, what you’re hustling and I post my favourites on my Instagram. I hope to somehow turn it into a more juicy blog feature where I’ll profile these so-called ‘Hustlers’ and casually interview them about their work and life.

In any case, here’s the key takeaways:

1. People like to belong and participate in their found communities

2. Giving people some stake in your business or blog will help build trust and engagement

3. Share the love, include them in your circles and show them off where appropriate


How are you making people feel like they belong? Do you guys have a hashtag or community feature? Are you a Hustler who’d like to be profiled? Share below and let me know your thoughts!

*Not always a nice way

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Weekly Music Mix No. 11

By October 22, 2014 Weekly Playlist
Weekly Playlist No. 11 | Hands and Hustle

I find my music from many places, mostly music blogs, the Hype Machine, Soundcloud and Spotify.

In the past, I used Sound Cloud to create my music playlists, but many songs I find on blogs that I want to include aren’t on Sound Cloud. As much as I love Sound Cloud and their embed player more, I’ve had more luck with finding the jams on Spotify, so from hereon out, my playlists will be embedded using Spotify.

*Edited for reason: no one cares.

Okay, the actual good stuff is that this mix is one of my favourites thus far; with tracks from Caribou’s new album, another artist named Tove (not Tove Lo, who would have thunk it?), cuteness from Little May and the creeps from Made in Heights, one of my favorites.


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Tomboy Style: Shop These Looks

By October 21, 2014 Style & Products
Tomboy Style by Hands and Hustle

I’ll admit it; I’d rather rock a beanie than do my hair most of the time.

As much as I love my mascara, I live in sweats and oversize shirts–just not together! I may not be an expert by any stretch, but my general rule is so long as you pair a baggy shirt with tight bottoms or sweats with a fitted tee, I say you’re good to go, my friends. SO I’ve rounded up my favorite tomboy-inspired looks that are in stores now.

Product links below image.

Tomboy style | Hands and Hustle lifestyle blog
1. JanSport Ballard Tri-Color Backpack

2. Intimately Womens Cold Elbow Cami

3. Hustle Beanie

4. BDG Waterfall Tunic

5. Moschino Cheap And Chic Varsity Coat – Black Multi

6. BDG Slim Boyfriend Jean – Destroyed

7. Free People Womens Boucle Stripe Beanie

8. JC Play by Jeffrey Campbell Slater Wool Sneaker

9. ‘Za Unisex Heather Grey Pullover (small and medium in grey, large in black)

10. Free People Womens Switch Top Over the Knee Sock

11. Free People Womens Either Way Harem Pant

12. Unif Stray Sweatshirt – Grey/White

High Heel Boots At Nasty Gal

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